About Texas Red Entertainment

Texas Red Entertainment hosts “Terrific Trivia”, Name That Tune Musical Bingo and Game Shows at more than 40 restaurants, breweries, bars & wineries from Dallas to San Antonio and Houston to Copperas Cove! This includes several in and around Temple. Folks may not know Gail by her given name, but if you mention Texas Red, you just might draw a smile.

One day about seven years ago — after husband Billy joked that she “might want to do something more profitable than drinking brew” — Gail jotted down some Trivia questions and answers and armed with determination, a laptop and a thirst for cold beer, she ventured down the street in her hometown to the Leander Beer Market and a star was born! “I started a simple Trivia game, and people loved it,” Gail said with a grin. “I just did it for fun. People go out to be entertained and connect, not to just stare at the bottom of their beer mug.”

Texas Red Entertainment began with Trivia but over the years added several other games. “We have with 20 different hosts, with 20 different amazing fun & clever personalities, and we play about 45 games a week — sometimes more.”

Central Texans who attend a game, and there is quite a following, are familiar with Game Show Night, Name That Tune Bingo or Trivia Games. “We also play Dirty Wordy, which is an adult-themed game that always has people hootin’ and hollering, It’s not really a family friendly game, so we usually start that one a little later at night. We don’t do political, religious or icky topics, we like to keep things lighthearted.” Gail said working with local nightspots has been very rewarding. “We have met the most wonderful people,” All of our venue owners and Managers are so much more than customers, they’re our friends. We want to be part of their success. We want their patrons to come out and relax, have fun and enjoy the show.” Cheers!

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