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The Most Entertaining Gameshow Company in Texas

"Lightning in a bottle!" - Justin McAlister, Bartender, Leander Beer Market

Texas Red Entertainment specializes in delivering a variety of different type of gameshows that will challenge and entertain your customers.

We will work with you to find just the right gameshow for your venue as well as a host who will fit the demographic of your customer base.

Our team of highly professional and entertaining hosts, including Texas Red herself, deliver game shows such as:

  • Trivia - A slide presentation is displayed on your televisions or using one of our projectors throwing up a big display on your wall. This gives your customers something to visualize as well as listen to.
  • Name That Tune Bingo - Bingo cards, daubers and musical song clips make this one of our most entertaining games that in some cases attracts hundreds of customers a night.
  • Game Show Night - This game features a slideshow with four of your favorite daytime gameshow themes.
  • Dirty Wordy - This is an adult themed show which will always has people hootin' & hollerin'.
  • Customized Shows - We can also provide custom themed games depending upon your needs. These are always great for birthday parties and special events.
  • Much More - We also offer more traditional entertainment such as poker and Karaoke.

A Proven Track Record

Currently Texas Red Entertainment hosts 60+ gameshows a month in the central Texas area. We continue to recruit new hosts and acquire new venues every week. 

Our goal is to increase your business and entertain your crowd so that they can't wait to visit again for the next show.

Event Consultation

Schedule an event consultation with Texas Red Entertainment. Together, you can figure out what your entertainment needs are.


We can host our games at your one-time event or set up weekly or monthly shows depending upon your needs.

For venue events, our speciality is attracting and entertaining your customers and more importantly, keeping them there.

Whitestone Brewery - January 31, 2020, Name That Tune Bingo

What a great night of Name That Tune Bingo with Texas Red Entertainment!

Videos - Live Name That Tune Bingo

This is a Texas Red Entertainment, Name That Tune Bingo video clip from a live show at Whitestone Brewery in Cedar Park, Texas on January 25, 2019. Everyone is laughing, singing and marking their bingo cards with song titles. It was a great night.

Whitestone Brewery, January 31, 2020, Name That Tune Bingo

It was a packed night for Name That Tune Bingo with Texas Red Entertainment at the Whitestone Brewery in Cedar Park, Texas. What a great time!!!

Testimonials - Owners and management

Danielle Anglen - Owner, Whitestone Brewery, Cedar Park, Texas

Texas Red Entertainment has been so wonderful to work with! For the past two years we have had monthly "Name That Tune" style Bingo events at our brewery, and it is so incredibly popular. Gail and Billy are easy to work with, always professional, courteous, on time, and really bring a great energy with them.  They put a lot of time and effort into making each event successful, because each Bingo event is unique and a ton of fun. Most importantly, our customers love it and look forward to it each month! We are happy to have found Texas Red Entertainment and look forward to many future events with them.

Taylor Roundtree - Rentsch Brewery - Taproom Manager, Georgetown, TX

“Rentsch Brewery has been working with Texas Red Entertainment for over six months and we have been very happy with the entertainment they provide! They host Trivia with us every Thursday at 7:00 PM and we also use them once a month for Name That Tune Bingo on Saturdays. Both shows are very successful and keep our guests staying longer throughout the night. Name That Tune Bingo is a remarkable event that keeps everyone singing and playing the whole show. Red is very entertaining and funny and keeps the crowd thoroughly engaged, both for Trivia and Name That Tune. The team is professional, reliable, and can be counted on to help drive revenue while keeping customers entertained. I truly appreciate Red's ability to recognize when to keep it "PG". We are delighted to be working with them and look forward to a long and productive relationship."

Taulant Krasniqi - Owner, Leander Beer Market, Leander, TX

"When we brought Gail and Billy back to the Leander Beer Market, Wednesday attendance has really increased. Our customers have a great time at the show. During the adult Red's Rowdy Rhymes set she has the customers yelling and interacting with each other. It's their favorite part of the show."

Mimosa Hajmeli - Owner, Liberty Hill Beer Market, Liberty Hill, TX

"We use Texas Red Entertainment for two shows a week. One Wednesday Trivia with Travis and on Sunday we do Gameshow night with Justin. They have been hosting our trivia on Wednesday for over a year and we are delighted by the attendance and Travis is a big crowd pleaser."

Matt Davis - Asst. Manager, Rentsch Brewery, Georgetown, Texas

"This is faaaaaaaaaaaantastic!"

- Yelled out during Name That Tune Bingo Night as the audience was singing.

Justin McAlister - Player and Bartender, Leander Beer Market

"Name That Tune Bingo is lightning in a bottle!"

Mary Platt - Head Bartender, Leander Beer Market

"I insist on working Wednesday nights. Red draws a crowd."


Erin Bussear - Austin, TX

Tonight we attended New Year’s Rockin Eve Bingo at Whitestone Brewery, and we had an EXCELLENT time! As a group of 7 ranging in age from our mid 30s to (almost) 70, I wasn’t expecting to find all of us singing, laughing, and dabbing our cards in glee, but we were doing all of those things before the first “Bingo!” was even called. Gail is an outstanding host, and the tech team is on point! I’m going to become a Texas Red Entertainment groupie in no time!

Tony & Kelsey Ghio, Leander, TX

We love playing trivia with Texas Red. We've played at several different venues with her and it is always a lot of fun. We play as a team of three or four and do our best to win! For us, it's a competition but Gail is funny and keeps the crowd engaged so it's never boring. The Red's Rowdy Rhymes adult round is a riot as well. Sometimes we even win a trophy!

Kelley Wright, Texas

Best host I’ve met! She will talk to everyone and makes sure everyone is having a good time. She knows how to interact with everyone. I want to hire her for any corporate event. And she beautifully awesome!

Carrie Borden John - Cedar Park, TX

Tonight was our first time playing trivia at the Downtown Hall of Fame in Hutto! We had a great time and will definitely come back!

Elisabeth O. - Cedar Park, Texas - Yelp

We LOVE Red!!

They host all kinds of fun stuff. Musical bingo, dirty wordy, you name it. This family run company is excellent. They are always prepared and red herself has an infectious laugh and never-ending positivity.

Nancy W. - Round Rock, Texas - Yelp

I LOVE trivia nights!!! Red is so much fun.  It never gets old. Free drink for each round winner too.

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If you have questions about what we can do for your event or venue, we are happy to speak with you? We will be happy to get back with you as quickly as possible to help you pick just the right show for you.

Besides producing weekly or monthly shows for restaurants and bars, we also produce shows for the following types of events.

  • Breweries, wineries and distilleries
  • Apts & Neighborhoods
  • Private parties
  • Corporate events
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings events
  • Fundraisers
  • Non-Profits
  • Political events
  • And much more

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